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Waltz Custom Cabinetry, True32 Custom Cabinetry Affiliate is unlike any other cabinet company you might encounter. Traditionally, there have been two cabinet types to choose from: Face Frame​ cabinets and Frameless cabinets (aka Full Access, FrameZERO). We prefer the FrameZERO name over Full Access and Frameless.
Face Frame Cabinet Illustration

Face Frame Cabinetry

Face Frame cabinets have a frame made from wood or composite materials, with 1-1/2" to 2" stiles (vertical pieces) and 1-1/2" to 2" rails (horizontal pieces). When you hear a cabinetmaker use the term "Full Overlay Cabinetry", it typically means they manufacture Face Frame cabinets meant to look like FrameZERO cabinetry.

Some True32 Custom Cabinetry Affiliates still offer face frame cabinetry for their clients who want the look and feel of a true inset or beaded inset style cabinet typically utilized in a farmhouse-styled home.

FrameZERO Cabinet Illustration

FrameZERO Cabinetry

FrameZERO cabinets eliminate the frame by simply utilizing the face of the sides, top, bottom, fixed shelves, and any rails as the face, which is typically 19mm (3/4"), and edgebanding this face with an automated edgeband machine, eliminating this material and it's associated costs from the cabinet. The result is larger cabinet openings and wider and taller drawer boxes.

All True32 Custom Cabinetry Affiliates manufacture True32 FrameZERO cabinetry.

Within these cabinet Types, FrameZERO has no sub-types, but there are some sub-types on the Face Frame side of the equation. Face Frame-Overlay is the most common as well as the least expensive, then Face Frame-Full Overlay (a face frame cabinet made to look like a FrameZERO cabinet) being a little more expensive since the doors and drawer fronts are bigger in width and height, and the last is Face Frame-Inset, which is substantially more expensive than the other two, as each door and drawer front has to be fitted inside its prospective opening (time consuming and tedious).

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Traditionally, there have been three cabinet categories to choose from: custom cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and stock cabinets.

  • Custom cabinets are typically the most expensive because you can get anything you want, and they are manufactured to fit your home in any width, depth, or height needed.
  • Semi-custom cabinets are just that - semi-custom. These will fall in the middle of the price range. They are typically offered in width increments of 3" with a few variations on depth and height. Most semi-custom cabinet lines offer a larger selection of door styles and finish options than stock cabinets, but far fewer than the typical custom cabinetmaker.
  • Stock cabinets are traditionally the least expensive of the three cabinet types. These typically offer few, if any, color and door style options, have a very limited range of size variations, and are always sold in width increments of 3".

All True32 Custom Cabinetry Affiliates provide their clients with a custom cabinet designed and engineered to fit the surroundings. Cabinets are manufactured in any width or depth required for the application and in height increments of 32mm (1- 1/4"), from which the name True32 is derived. We offer hundreds of door styles and configurations as well as thousands of finish combinations, including glazing, antiquing, and several levels of distressing.

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When it comes to how you go about purchasing cabinetry, there are several different types of cabinet companies.

  • First there is the designer showroom that will typically represent several lines of manufactured cabinetry, mostly of the stock and semi-custom type. These showrooms display the different brands of cabinetry they offer, but they do not manufacture the cabinetry themselves. They are just one of many retail outlets for the manufacturer.
  • Then you have local custom cabinet makers who design and manufacture their cabinetry. These companies vary greatly in their design and manufacturing capabilities and typically only serve a local or on occasion, a regional area. They are known for their ability to make whatever you would like made and for offering an unlimited selection of colors, wood species, etc.
  • Then there are True32 Custom Cabinetry Affiliates, a diverse group of affiliated manufacturing plants spread out across North America that can design, engineer, manufacture, deliver, and install your Cabinetry promptly, and offer you a product that provides an incredible value based on our extremely effective manufacturing methods. We integrate the best of lean and flow manufacturing methodologies into our processes, eliminating non-value-added time and the typical work-in-process levels that drain traditional manufacturing companies' resources (men, materials, and machinery). In every case, you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer and, in most cases, directly with the owner.

We look forward to serving your cabinetry needs with unique designs and a product that is a rare value in this day of "me too" product lines.